The Masterclass Series at Neptune Theatre is developed as an opportunity for the HRM community to have intensive studying opportunities with professionals visiting the city and local artistic talents. These unique masterclasses can enhance any theatre background and serve as an introduction to a new area of performance. No experience required.


INSIDE HAMILTON is a performance-based workshop featuring music and original choreography from the smash hit Broadway show, HAMILTON. It is the only workshop currently offered in North America that features original touring company members and directors, and we combine our unique knowledge of the show with years of performing experience.

Students will learn music and original choreography from HAMILTON, and will gain valuable knowledge of the demands of being a 'swing' and 'alternate' performer. Should your students be on the road to graduation, we also offer workshops in the following subjects to aide their development in becoming a professional performer.


INFORMATION and SIGN UP will begin March 1 2018. STAY TUNED!

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