Fountain Hall: March 22 - 24, 2019



Scotiabank Stage

Show Times:
Friday - 7:30pm
Saturday - 7:30pm
Sunday - 2pm



Starring Richard Donat reading King Lear, directed by Neptune's founding Artistic Director Leon Major, assisted by Linda Moore and featuring a stellar cast from our theatre community.

A theatrical fusion of the past, present, and future of Neptune Theatre on stage for three very special performances.



Cast List
Richard Donat Lear, King of Britain
Shelley Thompson Goneril, eldest daughter of King Lear
Geneviève Steele

Cordelia, youngest daughter of King Lear and Fool, attendant to Lear

Francine Deschepper Regan, second daughter of King Lear
David Christofel Duke of Albany, marred to Goneril Curan, a follower of Gloucester; Old Man, Gloucester’s tenant
Ed Thomason Duke of Cornwall, married to Regan
Christian Murray Duke of Burgundy; & Edgar,  Gloucestor's elder son.
Henri Gielis King of France; & Oswald, Goneril’s steward
Lee J.Campbell Earl of Gloucester
Jeff Schwager Edmund, his younger bastard son
Ian Gilmore Earl of Kent
Members of the company Soldiers, Messengers, etc.
Linda Moore Host and unnamed characters

Above: Jeremy Webb, Leon Major, and George Pothitos - a trio of Neptune's Artistic Directors!