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Margaret & David Fountain

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Fred and Elizabeth Fountain
David & Patricia Hastings
Norma Jeanrie
Tim Margolian & Dawn Frail

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Gail Asper & Michael Paterson
Robert Batherson & Catherine MacIsaac
Bill and Lorraine Black
Marian Binkley
Debra Burleson & Chris Purcell
Wesley & Diane Campbell
Donald & Susan Church
Mary Clancy
Heather & Larry Corrigan
Jessie & Harold Crosby
Louis E. & Fedora Marie Deveau
Rebecca Dobson
Nancy Doty
H. Wayne Garland
Stephen Leahey & Dennice Leahey (OC)
Boyne Clarke / Rebecca LeBlanc
Mary & Cameron Little
Dr. Ramona Lumpkin & William Blackburn
Jackman Foundation
Dr. Joan McArthur-Blair & Dr. Jeanie Cockell
Ian & Johanne McKee
Lorelei & Jim Nicoll
Alex and Kathleen Ritchie in Memory of Gaylan Ritchie
Walker Wood Foundation

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Paul & Lorraine Campbell
Janet & Brian Delo
Peter & Carol Fardy
Chris & Hiya Field
Christopher Hubley
Drs. Lalia & Dennis Johnston
Lynn Johnston
Virginia Jones
Paul & Barbara Kent
Paul Laberge & Laurel Broten
Colin & Shelley Mann
Michael McFadden
The Estate of Reta M. Palmer
Darryl  & Carolyn Steeves
Charlotte & Dick Sutherland
With Love for Vanessa Walton-Bone Urquhart
Crawford & Susan Van Horne
Sheila & Paul Zive

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Anonymous (1)
Réjeanne and Robert Bell
Tanya Bishop
Angela Bishop
Lisa Blair
Mildred Carr-Shrum
Patrick Casey & Monica Rodriguez
Allyn & Sandra Clarke
Stephanie Connidis
Audrey Cowan
Peter & Constance Darby
George A.T. Elliot
Ted & Barb Fraser
Dr. Ronald George
Edwin & Patricia Harris
Marilyn & Reid Harrison
Canada Helps
Andrew S Harvey & Margaret Jean Bayer
Dave Hunter
Lucy Kerr
Catherine & John Lazier
Monique LeBlanc & George Kephart
Ian & Gail Logie
Bill MacDonald & Patricia Pearce
Bill & Robin MacInnis
Carol McCauley & Wally Seipp
Rod & Sue McCulloch
Doris Metcalf
Dorothy Morrison
Terrence Paris
Sue & David Ritcey
Jason Roth & Cheryl Steadman-Roth
Debby Rudolph
John & Faith Semple
Jean & Robbie Shaw
Ward & Madge Skinner
Karen Spaulding
David & Patricia Watson
Tracy White

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Anonymous (6)
Mr. John Adderson
Sandra Backman
Mel & Myrna Baird
S. Bengert
Bob Book & Cathy Kahil
Darrell & Kaye Boutilier
Ken & Marilyn Canavan
Hiram J. Carver & Ruth S. Carver
Melissa & Level Chan
Diana J Chandler
Mr Borden Chapman
Edward B. Chase
Jeanne Christie
Stephanie Connidis
Ms. Johanna Cromwell
Linda Cummings
Eleanor and Cecil Decker
Peter Doig
Myrla Drysdale
Orin & Cathie Eisenhauer
Judy Farnell
Rob Fennell
David & Sheila Ferguson
Ms. Shirley Ferrier
Robert & Mary Foote, in memory of Beverley Elaine Fraser
Robert & Sheila Frame
Eva Gates
M. Elizabeth Glenister
Judith Graham
Rick & MT Grant
Jean & Michael Gray
Alex & Janet Handyside
Anastasia Hanias
Terry & Stephanie Hurrell
Barbara Huskilson
Jerry & Cheryl Inman
Rick and Marion Kelly
Arthur & Lola-May Kidston
Nancy Kitchen
Mr Shawn Langley
Alan & Sheila Leard
Barry & Nancy Lesser
Mr. & Mrs. MacDonald
Christine M. MacKay
Robbie & Charlotte MacKeigan
Barbara MacKinnon
Mrs. J W MacLean
Joseph MacNeil & Christine Swetnam
Dr. Karen Mann
Darlene & David Manning
Ms. Linda Marks
Wilma Mays
Tim & Kimber McNabb
Richard & Alison McNair
Ruth & Don McPhail
Stuart & Wendy McPhee
Ralph & Shirlee Medjuck
George & Shirley Mencher
Susan Grant & William Middleton
Jason Miller
Robert & Sharon Miller
Helga & Bob Mills
Ada & Ted Morash
David & Anne Morison
Marguerite & Hector Muise
Mr. Daniel O'Connor
Jim Osmond and Judi Henderson
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Wayne & Gwen Phillips
Phyllis Porter-Baker
Alayne Pothier
Edward & Barbara Rafuse
Hazel & Marvyn Robar
Harold Robertson and Liz Townsend
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Helen A. Ryding
Innis Sande
Peggy Sanford
Lois A. Shields
Kay Smith & Kathy Anthony
Margaret Smith
John Smith & Greg Scott
James & Heather Stewart
Anna & Lex Stuart
Mark Tipperman & Lorna Williamson
Dr Greg Wanger
Karolyn Waterson & Carl Boyd
Rebecca Weickert
Ms. Patricia Whitman

Corporate Donors 

TRIDENT CLUB ($10,000+)

TD Bank Group
TELUS Corporation

AMBASSADOR'S CLUB ($1,000 - $2,499)

SOMA - Vein & Laser Centre

ENCORE CLUB ($500 - $999)

CCL Group Foundation

OVATION CLUB ($250 - $499)

Metcalf & Company
Robie at Spring Garden Chiropractic
The Shaw Group on behalf of Maureen Reid

BRAVO CLUB ($100 - $249)

Investors Group Financial Services Inc
Walker Law Inc.

In Memoriam

Wes Daniels Sceneography Study

I.A.T.S.E. Local 680
Angela Daniels
Brian Hirtle
Jennie King
Nancy Morrison
William Zimmerman

Terry Irwin Music Studio 

Florence Irwin

In Memory of Bernard Miller

Jazz Aviation
Sandra Backman
Sandra Fiander
Diane Palmeter
Karine Renton

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Bruce Anderson
Mel & Myrna Baird
Robert Batherson & Catherine MacIsaac
Angela Bishop
Tanya Bishop
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Carolyn Buhr
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Diane Crocker
Mr. & Mrs. Sinclair Dewis
Gloria & Albert Dunklee
Colleen Fequet
H. Wayne Garland
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Marilyn & Reid Harrison
Mr. Arthur Hodder
David & Nina Hoffman
Robert Horne
Norman & Mae Huckle
Mrs. Bee Huxtable
Norma Jeanrie
Tina Joudrey
S.M. Lacusta
Melda & Kristin Langille
Mr Shawn Langley
Monique LeBlanc
Lorraine MacAskill
Bill MacDonald & Patricia Pearce
Nancy Mansfield & Charles Baxter
Shirley Murray
Gregory Nichols
Malcolm Palmer
Alex and Kathleen Ritchie
Erik Sande
Larry Smith
Karen Spaulding
Tracy White

A mystery and a love story spanning five decades.

Based on the classic novel by Wayne Johnson, The Colony of Unrequited Dreams is a retelling of Newfoundland’s first premier Joseph Smallwood. Smallwood was charismatic and controversial. While many Canadians today remember Smallwood as the man who brought Newfoundland into the Canadian Confederation, many Newfoundlanders remain sharply divided as to his legacy.

Meet the Kim family! They’re getting standing ovations across the country!

“There are many reasons to cheer… join the celebration” – TORONTO STAR

“Stomach-hurtingly funny”, “Dramatic and moving” – NOW MAGAZINE

Could the department store Santa be the real thing?

Author Valentine Davies got the idea for Miracle on 34th Street while struggling through the Christmas shopping crowds, trying to find a present for his wife. The commercialism he saw made him wonder what the real Santa Claus would make of it all.

This "tale as old as time" is a classic musical love story filled with unforgettable characters, lavish sets and costumes, and dazzling production numbers including “Be Our Guest” and the beloved title song. Experience the romance and enchantment of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

Nominated for 9 Tony Awards including Best Musical.

His music needed one thing. Her.

Join us for a beer on set!  The set is actually a working bar, so you’ll not only experience a musical with scads of awards, but you’ll also be able to mosey up on stage and share a pint.

8 Tony® Awards including Best Musical
Oscar Best Original Song, Falling Slowly
Grammy® Award Best Musical Theatre Album

Glamorous Hollywood meets Rustic Ireland in a clash of cultures

Stones in His Pockets has been seen by over 2 million people, don’t miss this hilarious and moving tale of a quiet Irish community turned upside down by the arrival of a Hollywood movie shoot.

"Very funny!"  Irish Times

Learn More