Neptune's Talkback Series

Neptune's Talkback Series puts you face-to-face not only with the show you've just watched, but with the artists who have worked together to put it on for you. Immediately following the second Wednesday performance of each production, you will have the opportunity to participate in an informal discussion about the show with the artists and the director and hear about their creative process. Moderated by Artistic Director Jeremy Webb (when scheduling permits), you will also have the chance to ask questions about the show and why the artists chose to do what they did.

The Talkback Series schedule for the remainder of the current season:

Tickets are available for each show by clicking here and selecting the appropriate performance date.

The moral divide between two brothers, two cultures, and two nations.


May 1 - 20, 2018

The Musical Event of the Year!

April 10 - June 3

A mother. A daughter. Three possible Dads.

Dance along to the music of ABBA in this ultimate feel-good show, seen by over 60 million dancing fans in more than 40 countries!

Begins April 10, 2018!

2017/18 Bonus Features

Makayla Lynn (Jan 18-21)

Port Cities (Feb 16-17)

Echos of Time (Apr 20-21)